Rainwater Purification

Water sourced from unsecured sources such as tanks, bores, wells, rivers, streams and dams can be of unknown quality with the potential to cause illness. The water should always be treated to ensure water safety.


Rainwater Purification is a simple, safe and cost-effective way to protect your water supply and your family from bacteria and viruses in your tank water. Acquasafe is safe and leaves no colour, odour or taste making it a suitable product for use in drinking water supplies.


Model Numbers: AS-1, AS-5 & AS-25

A simple, safe and cost effective way to protect your family from bacteria and viruses in your tank water.

While most chemicals used for water disinfection are, toxic Acquasafebreaks down into oxygen and water so it is completely safe.

Animal faeces, dead animals and windblown dust are some ways that bacteria and viruses can find their way into your tank. Acquasafekills virtually all of these and protects your tank from recontamination for up to 2 months. With Davey Acquasafetest strips, it is easy to ensure the residual is present to keep you, your family and your visitors properly protected.

  • 1 litre disinfects 15,000 litres of tank water
  • Environmentally safe
  • Tasteless and odourless


Acquasafe is a tasteless, odourless, chlorine free liquid designed specifically for tank water disinfection.

Acquasafe makes water safer by destroying virtually all bacteria and virus, leaving tank water clean enough to drink. Acquasafe test strips help to ensure tank water remains safer.

Rainwater starts out clean, bacteria and virus free, but as soon as it hits a collecting surface like a rooftop, dangerous bacteria can enter the water. Animal and bird droppings, dust, dirt and decaying vegetable matter like leaves can contaminate tank water. Each of these sources of contamination can lead to dangerous bacteria entering your water supply, like E. coli and streptococci.

Acquasafe uses patented technology to kill the bacteria and viruses that are harmful to people & animals and protects your tank from recontamination for up to two months.

Acquasafe is completely non-toxic and safe to use around your family. While most chemicals used for water disinfection are toxic (some are even known carcinogens) Acquasafe breaks down into oxygen and water.

Acquasafe has been tested and endorsed in Australia for use in water treatment by the National Health & Medical Research Council and the various state & territory Health Departments.



The Solution for All Types of Stored Water

  • Tank water, carted water and water that is pumped up from bores and dams all have the potential to be unsafe.
  • The Acquasafe formula can vastly improve the safety of these water supplies.


Acquasafe is Effective

  • Over 170 extensive tests conducted worldwide have proven Acquasafe kills over 60 different germs, bacteria, viruses, amoeba, biofilms and other pathogens.
  • Acquasafe oxidizes all germs immediately and then leaves a residual to ensure the water stays clean.


Long Lasting

  • Protects water for up to two months under normal conditions, which means clean water for longer.
  • Chlorine-based disinfectants will only disinfect your water for at most a couple of days
  • Chlorine leaves no residual and is therefore susceptible to recontamination
  • Chlorine leaves an offensive taste and smell
  • Acquasafe reduces the frequency of dosing and monitoring with test strips will ensure water remains safe.
  • Long lasting action ensures water is disinfected to the point of use.


Cost Effective

  • One litre of Acquasafe can protect 15,000L of water from contamination for up to two months.
  • A single drop of Acquasafe can sanitise almost 41/2 glasses of water!
  • Therefore the cost of protecting your water with Acquasafe is very low.


Environmentally and Family Safe

  • Acquasafe safely sanitises water and in doing so breaks down into oxygen and water.
  • Some alternative sanitises leave harmful chemical residues while others even leave known carcinogens in water supplies.


Improves Water Quality

  • Studies have indicated out of 41 household water tanks tested, 29% had the presence of coliform bacteria and 15% registered a presence of E. Coli. Australian Drinking Water Guidelines specify this value should be zero to be deemed safe for consumption.
  • Acquasafe assists by helping to destroy bacteria and viruses.


Improves Health

  • Acquasafe in diluted form is safe to drink and will help to manage bacteria present in water that can be responsible for stomach upsets.
  • Ongoing monitoring of the tank water supply will help to keep waterborne illness at bay.


Improves Water Taste

  • Acquasafe is safe and leaves no colour, odour or taste making it a suitable product for use in drinking water supplies.
  • Water will be cleaner without the side effects of alternative disinfectants such as chlorine taste and odour.
  • Acquasafe kills the bacteria responsible for bad tasting and smelly water.

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